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But about you first

If you're reading this, you know the positive impact L&D has in your organisation. You may also know the damage done by training providers who don't meet your needs.

How are you supposed to choose the right provider, when so many training companies look and sound the same?

The Humour Works is a different kind of training company

The Humour Works employs professional stand-up comedians to lead customised soft skills workshops for business teams. We serve clients in the public, private, and charity sector.

We take an unconventional approach, but it works. Here's why:

Comedians have amazing transferable skills

Think about your favourite stand-up comedian for a minute. Now, consider their skills. Skills like innovation, creativity, communication, engagement, the ability to read a room and be responsive. The skills of the stand-up comedian are the skills of the modern workplace.

We are dedicated to sharing those skills with teams like yours.

Richard Lindesay

Laughter boosts learning and workplace performance

There is a growing evidence base to support our approach. Just look at the work of neuroscientists like Sophie Scott at UCLRobert Provine at UMBC and Mark Beeman at Northwestern University.

David Ogilvy CBE
Founder, Ogilvy & Mather

We are more than comedians

We love comedy, but we understand business is still business. We take great care to hand-pick workshop leaders who are not just popular stand-up comedians. They are also experienced trainers. Everyone who joins our team has demonstrated:

William Arthur Ward

Stand-up comedy sells itself

People at work are busier than ever, so convincing them to take time out for L&D is more challenging. We've noticed L&D professionals working harder now. You don't just design learning programmes any more. You market them to their participants.

Most people enjoy stand-up comedy. A workshop led by a stand-up comedian requires less hard sell. In a world of identikit training companies, we stand out. That's a good thing, especially when you have to market L&D to your people.

We customise everything to your requirements

We want you to get exactly what you need, so we customise every aspect of each workshop. We follow a simple three-step process:

  1. Diagnose — Contact us, and we set up a free consultation. We ask about your challenges and how you want to transform your team's performance.
  2. Customise — Together, we agree a customised workshop programme and choose the right comedians to serve as workshop leaders.
  3. Deliver — Our comedians deliver your customised workshops. Your people laugh, learn and thrive at work.
Andrew Carnegie

Hire us

The initial consultation is free, and we customise everything, so you get exactly what you need. Click the button to arrange a free consultation, call us on 020 3494 4990 or email info@humourworks.com and let's start the process.
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