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The Humour Works serves clients in the public, private, and charity sector. We offer humour-based services in four areas: workshops for teams, 1-to-1 coaching, corporate entertainment and content and media production.

Workshops for teams

Tell us how you want to improve your team's performance and we'll put together the right programme with the right comedian.

Our workshops are fully bespoke, and work as stand-alone sessions or as part of a bigger piece, such as an away day, or leadership development programme.

To get you thinking, here are some example workshops from The Humour Works.

1-to-1 skills coaching

The Humour Works offers 1-to-1 coaching covering a range of skills. This works best for senior leaders, who don't typically participate in team training. Your Chief Exec needs help with a conference speech, for example? We can set you up with a coach to work on material and delivery. Enquire about 1-to-1 skills coaching.

Corporate entertainment

If you are running an event that needs a speaker, or even a host, talk to us first. We can introduce you to the most intelligent, business-savvy comedians who won't let you down. Enquire about corporate entertainment.

Content and Media production

If you need an event filmed, or need to produce any kind of video or audio content, call on our Content and Media team. We work with the most talented and experienced people in the business. Enquire about content and media production.

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The initial consultation is free, and we customise everything, so you get exactly what you need. Click the button to arrange a free consultation, call us on 020 3494 4990 or email and let's start the process.
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