How to Tell a Great Story (and enjoy telling it)

Telling a great a story is simple but very powerful. It can allow you to connect better with your clients, to make interesting points and to make you more memorable

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Wherever you are, well-honed storytelling skills will enable you to stand out from competitors, or just make you someone people are happy to listen to. This practical workshop will help you uncover the storytelling skills you already possess and give you easy-to-learn techniques to take your storytelling to the next level.

Matt R
Senior Software Engineer and Consultant, global IT company

Why The Humour Works?

Stand-up comedians possess unique skills and experiences which are highly relevant in a work context. That's why we handpick the most talented comedians, many of whom have a background in business or education, to lead our workshops.

Featured workshop leaders

Our workshop leaders are accomplished stand-up comedians and trainers. Here's our pick to lead this workshop for your team.

Matt Price

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How we focus your workshop will depend on your team's level of experience and ability. Get in touch and we'll help you design the right workshop programme for your team.

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Customisation extends to team size, timing and venue. We offer both full and half day sessions, at your place or ours. Workshops are best for teams of between 8 and 12 people. To work 1-to-1 with The Humour Works team, please enquire about coaching.

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